Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 5 in Cairo

Okay so my last blog was a little bit on the negative side, but I was feeling very blue as I didn't have any luggage and everything was so new. I didn't have much culture shock, but was pretty much just down and not knowing what to do.

So anyway, I've been kind of sick. Yesterday was my second day of class and I had a horrible stomach ache. I took some nausea medicine before class not realizing that it was drowsy so staying awake was a real task. Once I got back to my hotel, I slept about 4 hours and then was able to get back to sleep around 11pm.

The third day that I was here two girls from Tel Aviv University showed up and they are both enrolled in my class at the Fajr Center. I've been thanking God everyday for these companions. We may not always know that God is present in our lives, but sometimes he shows up and presents us with the smallest things that make life easier. He knew that I was having a hard time and I honestly think that He put these girls in my path to help me out. As they say in Arabic "al-hamdu-llilah" thanks be to God. And one of the girls is going to pick me up at the airport in Tel Aviv when I get there and show me how to get to Bethlehem. God is definitely watching out for me.

Another small blessing...or should I say HUGE blessing is that my bag got here today. I walked out of the hotel today and the van with my bag pulled up. I knew immediately that it was in that van. I tell you, we often take our "things" for granted, but when you are without for even a few days, you realize how grateful you should be for everything that God has given you. If I ever had any doubts about the greatness of God, I am forever sure of it now.

I am much more sure that my stay here in Cairo is going to be great. As soon as I take some pictures I will put them on-line for everyone to see. And this Thursday, I am going to the see the Pyramids and the Sphinx and a cruise on the Nile. How exciting.

Love to all!

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