Saturday, June 23, 2007

Parental Advisory

Okay so last night I was ripped a new asshole by some stupid french woman. So, I ran out of small bills and couldn't help pay for a taxi. Why in the world did this woman not have change either? She looked at me and said, "okay, it's your second day in Cairo, you should know you need small change." And of course it was said in this really thick french accent. And she kept going on and on about it. Finally I looked at her and said "I have a mother, and you're not her, so lay off." I'm not about to be berated like that by anybody.

Other than that, everything is good. I met a very cool guy yesterday who owns a perfume shop. None of the perfume has any alcohol in it, it's just pure extract. Of course he got me to buy some, so now I smell like papyrus. It's strong and covers up my B.O. which I think is stronger because of all the caffeinated (I can't spell) beverages I've been drinking. I brought my deoderant, just in case...but it's in the suitcase that has never arrived! If it's not here by tomorrow, I'll have to go buy more stuff!

But anyway, about this guy. He was super nice and he introduced me to this girl, Hannah, from Sweden and we sat around and drank tea and smoked sheesha. What a good life! It was an easy day to do those things as it was Friday and everybody was praying most of the day.
So far so good. When I got back to the hotel last night, Atef (the hotel owner) told me that two girls showed up from America who will be studying at the same place as me. al-hamdu-lillah! I've been throwing that around a lot lately.

But anyway, this is a big enough note...I should mention that I walked across the Nile last night. HOLY BIG RIVER!!! I was so excited about this...and I kept saying, this is the same river the great Pharoahs sailed down, the same river that flooded every year to provide rich silt for the Egyptian crops. It's too bad that Cairo/Egypt is way too overpopulated. I think the place has probably lost some of its magic. Oh well, it's still pretty amazing!

Photos soon, I promise!!!

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